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Air and Liquid Systems

Air and Liquid Systems (ALSI) engineers and manufactures air and liquid filtration and separation systems. Founded in 2002 to supply the industrial manufacturing and paint finishing industry, ALSI has leveraged our strengths as an engineered solution provider to help our customers harness technology to improve their processes across multiple industries.

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LAKOS Filtration Solutions

Since 1972, LAKOS Filtration has solved customers’ complex water filtration problems using innovative and reliable solutions. Our products solve problems in industrial manufacturing, HVAC, food processing, agriculture, municipal and other applications worldwide.


Steri Technologies

Steri Technologies was established in 1988 and specializes in the manufacturing of filtration equipment which are sold to the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. A variety of industries depend on Steri filters, from mining to pharmaceutical, from nuclear energy to food processing and everywhere else that solid-liquid separation is important.


Superior Water Conditioners

Superior Water Conditioners have been performing since 1964, controlling lime/scale and corrosion without the use of chemicals in industrial, commercial and residential applications.

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